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Working Papers

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Timing of Commitment in Coalitional Bargaining (with Aaron Kamm). Paper, Online Appendix

Pathways to Prosocial Leadership: A Laboratory Experiment on the Effects of External Subsidies and the Relative Price of Giving (with Blaine Robbins, Aaron Kamm, and Daniel Karell). Under Revision.

Strategic Risk Legitimizes Leader-Follower Pay Inequality (with Aurelie Dariel and Nikos Nikiforakis). Under Revision.

Identifying Stable Sets in the Laboratory (with Kyle Hyndman). In Progress.

The Deadline Effect for Split-the-Difference Offers (with Olivier Bochet and Manshu Khanna). In Progress.

Links to co-authors’ websites: James AndreoniOlivier Bochet, Aurelie Dariel, Kyle Hyndman, Aaron Kamm, Daniel KarellManshu Khanna, Nikos NikiforakisArno RiedlBlaine Robbins